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Aeon 1% Club Foundation 30th Anniversary Event

Aeon 1% Club Foundation 30th Anniversary Event
Period From 31 October 2019 to 3 November 2019
Number of Participants 331persons from 18 countries ※Detail on next page
・Japanese past Teenage Ambassadors :80(Male:37、Female:43)
・Overseas past Teenage Ambassadors :251(Male:111、Female:140)
Location <Team Nagoya>
Aichi Prefecture Toyota, Chita
<Team Chiba>
Chiba Prefecture Choshi, Sanmu and Tokyo
Objective of the Event Since 1989, AEON 1% Club Foundation has been conducting tha Teenage
Ambassadors program, an exchange program between Japanese and overseas high school students. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation, we invited approximately 250 successive participants from 17 countries such as Europe, South America and Asia to Japan, warming old friendships with former Japanese participants, Through Aeon plantation visits, commemorative lectures by experts, and group discussions, formulate their Declaration of Future Action for the realization of a sustainable society.
Contents of the Event
  • (1) Inspection Activities(1st Nov)
    • <Team Nagoya>
    • Toyota Ecoful Town
    • Toyota Kaikan museum
    • AEON Forest Chita (Plantation)
    • <Team Chiba>
    • Choshi fishing port
    • Horizon Observatory
    • Aeon Forest Kujukuri (Planned tree planting area)
  • (2) Commemorative lecture @ TKP Garden City Shinagawa
    • [Part1] Lecturer:Mr. Takejiro Sueyoshi
    • [Part2] Lecturer:Ms. Kaoru Nemoto
    • Past 6 Teenage Ambassadors announced their efforts on SDGs
  • (3) Discussion Program @ TKP Garden City Shinagawa
    • Subcommittees of the following Four themes 4Group×10Team(1Team8~9)
    • [SDGs 3:A] Good Health and Well-being
    • [SDGs 4:B] Quality Education
    • [SDGs 13:C] Climate Action
    • [SDGs 14:D] Life below water
    • Past Teenage Ambassadors decided “declaration of future action” and the presenter of it.
  • (4) Commemorative Party @ TKP Garden City Shinagawa