Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries Interchange

Support for exchanges between students during the Tokyo schedule of the “2016 Junior Summit in ”

The 2016 Junior Summit in Mie took place ahead of the Ise-Shima Summit of the leaders of advanced economies on the May 26 and 27 2016. It was led by young people from the participating G7 countries. Young people aged 15 to 18 were picked from each country to gather in Japan, where they discussed environmental issues and other problems facing the world, in a program to share the diversity of their values. As a special sponsoring partner, this Foundation supported the planning and operation of the schedule in Tokyo, which was the second half of the program.

Organizer The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Special sponsoring partners AEON 1% Club Foundation
Summary of support To distinguish the Tokyo half of the program from the first half in Mie, where discussion centered on environmental problems, it focused on providing opportunities for exchange activities with members of the same generation, and for taking home memories of Japan. University of Tsukuba Junior & Senior High School at Otsuka is a leader among the Super Global High Schools approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The representatives from the G7 countries and joined with the school’s students for classroom experiences, homestays, and others exchange, cultural, and historic activities.
Exchange period April 26 - April 28
Participating students - Two male and two female students from each G7 country*, for a total of 28.
(* France, America, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada)
- 14 male and 14 female students from University of Tsukuba Junior & Senior High School, for a total of 28