Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries Interchange

Asia Youth Leaders 2017 in Tokyo

  • 中国
  • インドネシア
  • 日本
  • マレーシア
  • タイ
  • ベトナム
Schedule August 21st, 2017 (Sunday) – 27th (Saturday)
Host country Japan
  • China:8
  • Malaysia:7
  • Indonesia:7
  • Thailand:7
  • Japan:17
  • Vietnam:7
  • Total:53
Program composition
August 21st
  • Departure, orientation, keynote address I, welcome party
    • Keynote address I
      • What’s happening now in Asian countries, and how do we build a sustainable future?
      • Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Main Branch Sales Department 6, Department manager and Sales Section 3 Manager Hajime Tokuda
August 22st
  • Dietary education experience study, dietary education lecture, dietary education
  • supermarket tour, visit to AEON Ushiku Farm
    • Dietary education experience study, dietary education lecture
      • (1) Kasumi dietary education action, Mayumi Takano
      • (2) Five-a-day dietary education lecture presentation, Mutsuko Sugimoto
      • (3) Dietary education supermarket tour, Kasumi Iias Tsukuba, store manager
  • Akio Matsui
    • AEON Ushiku Farm
      • AEON Agri Create Co., Ltd. Representative director and president Yasuaki Fukunaga
August 23st
  • Keynote address II, case study, special lecture, dinner seminar
    • Keynote address II
      • The linkage between changes in nutrition and diet and chronic disease in Japan and other countries
      • Kagawa Nutrition University, Institute of Nutrition Sciences, Food Physiology Research Laboratory, associate professor Fumi Hayashi
    • Case study
      • Nutrition, food intake, and the food environment of Thai children
      • Kagawa Nutrition University, Nutrition Ecology Research Group postgraduate course, Thai Ministry of Insurance, Insurance and Medical Care Scientist Ms. Wannachanok Boonchoo
    • Case study, group work
      • Nutritional issues in young women in Indonesia
      • The Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics Executive Office, Health and Welfare Ministry commissioned managerial dietitian specialization sectoral human resources development coordinator Masayo Nakamori
    • Special lecture
      • Japan’s efforts in Asia
      • “Considering food and nutrition in SDGs: Centered on attempts in Vietnam”
      • The Ajinomoto Foundation, senior manager Akira Kuriwaki
    • Dinner seminar
      • “Washoku: An intangible cultural asset”
      • Yamatoya Sangen, Shirokanedai branch, Chef Hidekazu Katsuta
August 24st
  • Experience and interviews activities
    • Experience of making onigiri (rice balls), miso soup, and rolled egg (ABC Cooking Studio Yokohama Landmark Studio)
    • Interview activities (at AEON Style Himonya)
August 25st Group discussion
August 26st
  • (1) Results presentation
  • (2) Ceremonial proposal acceptance by representative students from host country Japan, award dinner party
August 27st Return to home countries
  • Asia Youth Leaders 2017 in Tokyo
  • Asia Youth Leaders 2017 in Tokyo