Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries Interchange

Asia Youth Leaders 2018 in Jakarta

  • 中国
  • マレーシア
  • インドネシア
  • タイ
  • 日本
  • ベトナム
Schedule August 19 (Sun.)-25 (Sat.), 2018
Host country The Republic of Indonesia (implemented annually in a different host location)
  • China:9
  • Malaysia:9
  • Indonesia:15
  • Thailand:9
  • Japan:34
  • Vietnam:9
  • Total:85
Program composition
Aug. 19
  • Orientation, LetcureⅠ, Welcome Party
    • ・LectureⅠ
      • “Youth’s Vital Role in Food Revolution”
      • Ms. Wilayati Ningsih, Senior Health and Nutrition Manager DANONE
Aug. 20
  • LectureⅡ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, SMAN78 school visit・Discussion
    • ・LectureⅡ
      • “Nutrition Transition in Indonesia and other countries”
      • Mrs. Rifqah Indri Amalia, S.Gz, M.Sc,
      • Department of Public Health Nutrition Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia
    • ・LectureⅢ
      • “Eating Habit in Indonesia”
      • Dr. Helda Khusun, PhD, Manager Research and Consultancy Unit
      • Ministry of Education and Culture
    • ・LectureⅣ
      • “Eating Habits in Indonesia(handouts provided by Ministry of Health)”
      • Dr. Muchtaruddin Mansyur MS, SpOK, PhD, Center Director of Seameo Regional
      • Center for Food and Nutrition Ministry of Education and Culture
    • ・SMAN78 school visit・Discussion
      • Mrs. Rita Hastuti, Principal
      • Ms. Soneta Welliya, Teacher
Aug. 21
  • LectureⅤ, Ⅵ, YAKULT Visit・Lecture
    • ・LectureⅤ
      • “Eating Habits in Indonesia”
      • Dr. Rimbawan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Community Nutrition
      • Head of Postgraduate Study Program in Nutrition Science
      • Bogor Agricultural University
    • ・LectureⅥ
      • “Food Diversification Program to Enhance Healthy Eating Habits”
      • Mrs. Tri Agustin Satriani, Director Center for Consumption Diversification and Food Safety Agengy for Food Security Ministry of Agriculture
    • ・YAKULT Visit・Lecture
      • “Effects of Lactobacillus casei strain shirota on the intestines”
      • Mr. Jimmy, Deputy Director Public Relation of Science
      • Mr. Antonius Nababan, Director Marketing Communication & Commercial
Aug. 22
  • Interview Activities at AEON MALL BSD CITY
    • ・Short Lecture about AEON MALL by Mr. Sudarmadi Salim, General Manager HR Division IT Division Finance & Accounting Division PT. AEON INDONESIA
    • ・Interview Activities
Aug. 23 Team Discussion
Aug. 24
  • (1) Results Presentation
  • (2) Handover Ceremony to representative student of the host nation Indonesia,Commendation Ceremony, Dinner Party
Aug. 25 Returning to home countries
2018年 アジア・ユースリーダーズ(大学生・高校生)