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List of Sponsoring Companies

Company Main business operations
AEON CO., LTD. Pure Holding company
AEON Retail Co., Ltd Operates general retail business nationwide
AEON Hokkaido Corporation Operates general retail business in Hokkaido region
AEON KYUSHU CO., LTD. Operates general retail business in Kyushu region
AEON RYUKYU CO., LTD. Operates general retail business in Okinawa region
SUNDAY CO., LTD. Operates home centers in northeastern Japan, based in Aomori Prefecture
Maxvalu Hokkaido Co, Ltd. Operates MaxValu food supermarket chain in Hokkaido region
Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd. Operates MaxValu food supermarket chain in Chubu and Kanto regions, based in Shizuoka Prefecture
Maxvalu Chubu Co., Ltd. Operates MaxValu food supermarket chain in Chubu region
Maxvalu Nishinihon Co., Ltd. Operates MaxValu food supermarket chain in Nishinihon region
Maxvalu Kyushu Co., Ltd. Operates MaxValu food supermarket chain in Kyushu region
KOHYO CO., LTD. Operates supermarket chain in urban areas in Kansai region
marunaka CO., LTD. Operates food supermarket chain in Shikoku and Awaji regions
SANYO MARUNAKA CO., LTD. Operates supermarket chain in Chugoku and Kinki regions
MINISTOP CO., LTD. Operates MINISTOP convenience store franchise
ORIGIN TOSHU CO., LTD. Operates mainly sales of lunchboxes and ready-made dishes
WELCIA HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Holding company that includes subsidiary companies such as WELCIA YAKKYOKU Co., Ltd., which operates drugstores with integrated dispensing pharmacies
AEON Mall Co., Ltd. Commercial developer of multifunctional compound commercial facilities
AEON Financial Service Co.,Ltd. Bank holding company that globally operates financial services, focusing on credit-card business
AEON BANK, LTD. Operates retail banking combining commerce and finance
AEON CREDIT SERVICE CO., LTD. Operates financial services, focusing on credit card, banking agency, and e-money businesses
AEON INSURANCE SERVICE CO., LTD. Operates life insurance and indemnity insurance agencies
AEON DELIGHT CO., LTD. Operates comprehensive facility management services (FMS)
AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd. Operates family-oriented amusement facilities and indoor playgrounds within shopping centers
AEON ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. Operates presentation of cinema, theater, music and various other events via a multiplex format
AEON COMPASS CO., LTD. Operates sale of travel products and business solutions including management of rental conference rooms and event planning
Reform Studio Co., Ltd. Operates specialist stores for clothing and shoe repairs, and duplicate key cutting
GFOOT CO., LTD. Sales of men’s and women’s footwear, sports footwear, and footwear accessories
COX CO., LTD. Design, manufacture and sales of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and general merchandise
AEON PET CO., LTD. Sales of pet food and accessories, in addition to operation of pet trimming salons, veterinary hospitals, pet hotels, pet training classes, and pet nursing care
Mega Sports Co., Ltd. Operates large-scale sports specialist store chain Sports Authority, in addition to sports fashion select shops and sports gyms nationwide
AEON Integrated Business Service Co., Ltd. Development and management of IT infrastructure systems for AEON Group companies, in addition to operation of shared back-office services
AEON TOPVALU CO., LTD. Operates planning, development and sales promotion of Topvalu products
AEON FOOD SUPPLY Co., Ltd. Operates manufacturing, processing and delivery of livestock, marine products and delicatessen products