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Message from the Chairman

“What is the role of corporations in society?” “What kind of a corporation should we aspire to be?” “What do our customers expect of us?” To answer these questions, we established AEON 1% Club in 1989 with our desire to “return the profits we received from our customers for the benefit of society.”

Since then, in our pledge to have main AEON Group companies contribute one percent (1%) of their pre-tax profits to carry out social contribution activities appropriate for a retail business whose stores many customers come to visit every day, we have carried out projects in three main fields - Sound Development of the Next Generation, Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Sustainable Development of Regional Communities.

In the field of Sound Development of the Next Generation, some 7,900 children are participating in the AEON Cheers Club program nationwide, which provides opportunities for primary and junior high school students to take interest in their immediate environment and become aware of the importance of nature. Besides, with the belief that basic education is essential for realizing a peaceful world, we have also assisted in the construction of primary schools in ASEAN countries and in the training of teachers.

In the field of Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries, we have been focusing on the Teenage Ambassadors programs, which aim to have high school students from Japan and other parts of Asia promote mutual exchange and share their respective points of view, and the Asia Youth Leaders program, which brings together high school and university students from Japan and other Asian countries to discuss social issues in the host city.

In the field of Sustainable Development of Regional Communities, we have been organizing AEON Hometown Discovery events, in which local folktales are performed in the hope that the next generation of youths may come to rediscover their hometown cultures.

“In collaboration with regional communities and the international community, we will support the sound development of the children and youth who will lead the future society.”

We will continuously play our role as a member of society and meet your expectations.

Hiroshi Yokoo, Chairman

AEON 1% Club Foundation

Hiroshi Yokoo, Chairman