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Message from the Chairman

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding of this Foundation’s activities.
The AEON 1% Club Foundation was established in 1990 in order to embody AEON’s unchanging fundamental principles of pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities in the form of tangible actions, and to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.
For over thirty years since our establishment, the major AEON Group companies have donated 1% of their pre-tax profits, and the Foundation has engaged in environmental and social contribution activities with three mains themes: Sound Development of the Next Generation, Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Sustainable Development of Regional Communities.

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in tandem with global warming, and the changes to society and human values wrought by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, have arisen in place of the development of civilization and comfortable lifestyles, due to the destruction of the global environment and ecosystems. Further action is needed in order to halt global warming and create a sustainable society. The AEON 1% Club Foundation believes that constructing relationships that transcend the boundaries of organizations is the key to solving these problems, and we continue to foster cooperation between people with various perspectives, including regional inhabitants, corporations, schools, and governmental authorities.

In fiscal year 2022, our specialization will be the Sound Development of the Next Generation, one of the Foundation’s key pillars of activity, and through strengthened coordination with our partners including the AEON Group and the AEON Environmental Foundation, we will focus on creating spaces for enjoyable hands-on learning, where children can unconsciously learn about the environment, based at AEON stores.

In addition, we will place a heavier emphasis on activities at the regional level, with a focus on our domestic Japanese business, as well as enhancing our abilities to disseminate information overseas, with the aim of strengthening our human network.

This Foundation will continue in our endeavors to foster the sound development of the next generation, promote friendship with foreign countries, and contribute to the sustainable development of regional communities.

Yoshiki Mori, Chairman

AEON 1% Club Foundation

Yoshiki Mori, Chairman