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Message from the Chairman

What is the role of corporations in society? What kind of corporation are we aiming to be? What do our customers expect from us? In order to answer such questions, we established the AEON Group 1% Club in 1989, with the passion to utilize the profits we receive from our customers for the benefit of society.

Since then, the main AEON group companies have joined the Foundation, and on the basis of mutual cooperation, we have taken advantage of AEON’s qualities as a retailer visited by large numbers of customers every day to tackle social contribution activities. In 2015, which marked 25 years since the Foundation’s establishment, in order to further improve the sustainability and stability of our activities, we organized our existing activities into projects with three main themes: Sound Development of the Next Generation, Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Sustainable Development of Regional Communities; received the Prime Minister’s authorization and transitioned into a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation“ AEON 1% Club”.

In fiscal year 2016, which saw five years since the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, against the background of a shift across the whole of Japanese society from the stage of “reconstruction” to “creation”, we started the Forest Spirit Healing Project for Children in Fukushima, which invites the children of Fukushima Prefecture to the great outdoors as a measure to support the future generation of the Tohoku region. Furthermore, with the aim of promoting Japanese agriculture, which is facing a major period of transition due to the decline of producers, we commenced the Food and Agriculture Support project in order to aid those who will carry Japanese agriculture into the future.

Today the social and economic environment is rapidly changing, and we face a turning point of our era. In such times, this Foundation will, through coordination with both the regional and international communities, continue to progress with our activities that aim towards fostering new talent that can shoulder the responsibilities of the next generation.

Hiroshi Yokoo, Chairman

AEON 1% Club Foundation

Hiroshi Yokoo, Chairman