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Message from the Chairman

The AEON 1% Club Foundation, which was launched in 1989 along with the new corporate group name of “AEON”, has from our establishment until today cooperated with a diverse range of the AEON group companies including retail, finance, developer business, based on AEON’s desire to utilize the profits we receive from our customers for the benefit of society. We have utilized the qualities of our shopping centers that are visited by large numbers of customers every day in order to tackle social contribution activities together with our customers.

The Foundation, which transitioned into a public interest incorporated foundation in 2015, aims to further reinforce our three main project themes: Sound Development of the Next Generation, Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Sustainable Development of Regional Communities.

Last year, we held our 30th Anniversary Project, with the title “Sustainable 2050 : What We Can Do Towards the Realization of a Sustainable Society”. At this event, 331 successive participants of the “Teenage Ambassadors” program from 18 countries renewed old friendships, and jointly formulated their own Declaration of Action.

In a time when anxieties about the sustainability of the global environment and social fragmentation are increasing around the world, young people in their teens and twenties are directly seeking action from international society and respective national governments, and movements to promote policy shift are spreading. In addition, recovery and reconstruction efforts due to the serial outbreak of natural disasters have become part of normal life, and the ideal form of “mutual aid” in local regions is being reconsidered.

As we enter the new decade of the 2020s, the Foundation will take this opportunity to return to our roots at the time of our establishment. We will strive to contribute to the promotion of international friendship, mutual understanding and the cultivation of human talent who will form the core of society in the middle of this century.

Hiroshi Yokoo, Chairman

AEON 1% Club Foundation

Hiroshi Yokoo, Chairman