CSR Activities in Asian Countries CSR


  • Vietnam

1. AEON Scholarship

  • Students receiving scholarship certificates

    Students receiving scholarship certificates

  • AEON scholarship granting ceremony in Vietnam

    AEON scholarship granting ceremony in Vietnam

Since 2006, AEON 1% Club Foundation has helped university and graduate school students in Asia achieve their dreams through providing scholarship. The program has supported 562 Asian students studying in Japan and 3831 Asian students outside Japan, including 557 Vietnamese students. They are expected to serve as a bridge between Vietnam and Japan.

2. Asia Youth Leaders

  • Students in discussion

    Students in discussion

  • Asia Youth Leaders program brings together students from Japan and other Asian countries to address environmental and social issues of the host country. Through discussing how to cope with the issue among multinational team members with different cultural back ground, the students not only deepen their understanding about the issue but also diversity of values. The program is finalized by the students presenting a proposal to the host city’s government. Starting in 2010, the program has been held each year in a different country, with overall participation of 534 students from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and China. Vietnam has participated annually from 2010, sending a total of 123 students to the program.

3. School Construction Support Project

  • The project is to support construction of schools in Asian countries with inadequate educational facilities. Started in 2000, the project has helped construct a total of 393 schools in Cambodia, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. In Vietnam, the project has assisted in building 30 primary schools in Hue Province providing educational opportunities for more than 15,000 Vietnamese children.

  • Old school house ⇒ A new school building

4. Teenage Ambassadorsect

  • The Teenage Ambassadors program is an exchange activity designed to promote mutual understanding among high school students from Japan and those overseas. Through a week-long program in which students make courtesy visits to the host country’s government and embassies, attend classes at local school and experience homestay, the program offers opportunities for students to build friendship as well as cultivating international perspective. So far, 2,052 high school students from 17 countries have participated in the program. The program was held twice in 2007 and 2013 with participation of 80 Vietnamese and Japanese students.

  • Learning the art of Japanese Tea making in Kimono

    Learning the art of Japanese Tea making in Kimono

5. Tree Planting

  • Planting trees in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Planting trees in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Since its establishment in 1990, AEON Environmental Foundation has been engaged in forestation activities in various parts of Asia. In Vietnam, the foundation planted a total of 75,000 trees with local citizens in Lang Co in the outskirts of Hue from 2010 to 2012, and in Ba Vi National Park in the outskirts of Hanoi from 2014 to 2016. The total number of the trees planted through our forestation effort in Japan and overseas, including those through AEON Hometown Forests project, a tree planting activity conducted at the opening of our retail stores, exceeded 10 million in 2013.