Sound Development of the Next Generation Education

Yearly activity schedule

Examples of activities
April Recruitment for new members
May Ceremony for the launch of AEON Cheers Club
June Theme of 2018 "Energy”
Store original program “Eco-eco store expedition”
July TOPVALU Eco-farming challenge project
August Tour to Energy Kan
September Wind power generation PET bottle
October Tour to hydroelectric power plan
November Learning of efforts for recyclable energy in the world
January Summary of yearly activities (1)Wall newspaper
February Summary of yearly acitivities (2)Presentation of Wall newspaper
March Presentation of results of the yearly activities
  • Children searching for insects (Hokkaido Prefecture)
  • Children checking the names of living creatures they just found (Niigata Prefecture)
  • Children planting a tree in a tree-planting ceremony
  • Children making a Christmas tree