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AEON – UNICEF Safe Water Campaign (2015)

On December 3, AEON 1% Club Foundation presented 40,339,169 yen to the Japan Committee for UNICEF. This amount included donations from AEON customers, which were double-matched by the Foundation.
This year, with the cooperation of AEON group, we carried out fund-raising at about 8,000 locations nationwide from October 1 to November 15. We also received an offer from AEON TOPVALU Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company with its own brand of products, to donate five yen for each bottle of TOPVALU natural mineral water purchased during the same period.

In Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, where we have supported the construction of new schools, unclean water from ponds and rivers is used for daily life, due to the lack of public water supply. Also, children frequently have to miss school because they have to travel long distances to fetch water.
Since 2010, we have been carrying out the Safe Water campaign in order to improve the education and health of children in these countries, by installing water supply facilities in villages and towns. So far, we have provided safe water to about 24 million people, which has also improved school attendance rates.

2015年 イオン・ユニセフ セーフウォーターキャンペーン